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Shuzi Cuff Bracelet Brushed (XS-S)


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We are delighted to share with you other resources that may support you in your path to vibrant health. Please browse this area for other sources of useful information, products and services to enhance your wellbeing and life.

Helpful Links
The below organizations, references, articles and studies may be used as educational resources.
INNOVATIVE HEALTH: Cell phones and health
The Alamogordo Daily News
Dawn Greenwald

Senate Committee Talks Potential Cell Phone Danger - ABC News

Can cell phones lead to cancer?
Dr. Davis on WBAL TV Baltimore

There are emerging concerns about cell phone safety from scientists who say we need to know if our phones are causing an increase in brain cancer.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and EMF
May 3, 2010
Children may have higher radiation exposure than adults
Children and Cell Phones: Time To Start Talking Sense

September 11, 2005
The Sunday Times - Britain 
Britain's NRCP Acknowledges Electromagnetic Fields Can Make People Sick

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