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Dr. Wayne Dyer has endorsed the BioElectric Shield.

Please feel free to use the photo and endorsement quotes in your marketing.  "I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I've noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Internationally renowned author of best-selling books including The Power of Intention

Marcie Dyer shares her experience

"I absolutely love it. If I'm in a car or use a cell phone I make sure I have it on. Previously as I was using the cell phone, my hands would get a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. When I put on the Shield, I'm protected and I no longer have this feeling. It's proof of its effectiveness. I believe in them absolutely."

Marcie Dyer, Co-Author with Wayne Dyer, A Promise is a Promise

Cheri Blair

Wife of Great Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has been photographed numerous times, prominently wearing our Shield. As a public figure and attorney, Ms. Blair clearly enjoys the protection of the health-promoting benefits of the Shield and seems to want to show her respect publicly by wearing it prominently over a several-year period.

Tim Wheater

Award winning composer, flautist, vocalist, performer and public speaker Tim Wheater has presented his acclaimed inspirational music all over the world.

"I've worn the BioElectric shield for 2 years. From the outset I have always been aware of the extra boost that the Shield gives both to my body and my mind. Plus it has always been an admired piece of jewelry" Tim Wheater, Musician


Dannion Brinkley - Author

New York Times Best Seller, Saved By the Light

"As many of you know, I was struck by lighting and pronounced dead. I went down the tunnel of Light, and then returned to earth. From that time on I was excruciatingly sensitive to all energy. I felt all the electromagnetic energies from devices like tv's and computers. It was very uncomfortable.

The Shield transformed my life by deflecting these energies away from me. When I wear the Shield, I have more energy, greater clarity of thought and better perception. I see energy now, and I can tell you, it balances the body all the way to the level of the DNA. It deflects incredible amounts of unhealthy energy, balances the body, and truthfully, I recommend it every chance I can."



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