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Are you suffering from heartburn, arthritis, acne, allergies, aches & pains, fatigue, headaches, stress or are you overweight? These are the first stages of over acidity or  pH Imbalance. Diabetes, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, cancer, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, obesity, migraine, depression, headaches are the secondary stages of over acidity or pH imbalance?

Start eliminating these acids and get healthy by adding Green Phactor to your daily diet and watch all of your symptoms of over acidity disappear. Green pHactor with 16 of the most alkalizing ingredients known to man removes these acids and brings your natural pH back into balance.

What is GreenpHactor?
Green pHactor Green Drink contains the 16 most alkalizing and energy-retaining greens in our patented formula. Green pHactor has been developed in accordance with the new science and new biology that involves monitoring and balancing your bodies' internal pH. By adding alkalinity to your diet you are giving your body a "gift"; a gift of alkalinity.

Alkalinity is primarily utilized to buffer and eliminate the acids that are created in our bodies after digestion. Acidity or acidosis of the blood is the main co-factor responsible for illiness today, according to documented research by our top scientists.

Adding Green Phactor Green Drink to your daily diet will not only enhance your bodies' efficency, it will extend your vitality to a higher level of well-being. Give your cells the energy they need to bring you vibrant health.

Bigger and Better!!

(33% more!)

Green Phactor has grown from a 10oz to 13.5 oz container.

It is certified USDA organic and non GMO!

Natural Berry Flavor GreenPhactor Formula
NOTE: 12 Month Supply
Sweet Berry Flavor GreenPhactor Formula
  Note: 12 Months Supply
GreenPhactor Formula
NOTE: 12 Month Supply
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